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Information about area code 903, exchange code 918

The telephone number which starts with 903-212 is registered as the telephone area code for the city of Longview, in the county of Gregg, Texas, United States. The city is one of the populated cities of Texas with a population of 77793. The city is primarily located in the Gregg County and only a small part extends to the neighboring county of Harrison. The city is situated more at the East Texas region and it is the commercial hub of the Longview Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city attracts a lost of tourists with its east Texas boat, camping expo, rallies and for other events which is held round the year, the Great Texas Balloon race is organized in this city every where thousands of folks comes fro different parts of the states and country for attending this balloon festival.

The telephone area code of 903 and the exchange code of 212 are dedicated for the city of Longview as the telephone extension code and represented as 903 212, 903-212 or as 903-212-XXXX. This telephone extension code is not only used for telephone extension but it used for other purposes as well like finding out information about any particular ZIP area code and for finding general information about the place or the city. However, there is also an importance in knowing the different landline and the cellular operators in the city. The cellular services of the city are sage Telecom, Continent Communication, Comtech Incorporated, A &A communications, Mpower house, Birch Telecom, Communications world Net etc. on thr other hand the cellular services are Allcom, Cellular ETC, AT&T, Alltel, KC wireless, Metro Pcs, Sydcom Communications, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon wireless, etc. all these landline and cellular companies uses the area codes for the purpose of the extensio0n number. Now let’s know the area codes in detail.

The American telephone area code is a three digit number, which is also known as the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The area code was developed in the year 1940 by AT&T and the Bell laboratories but it came in to use in the year 1947. Previously, the area codes were used with number 0 as the middle number but later it was changed to number 1 but only for those area which has been allotted with more than one area code. The first and the third number were chosen according to the population density of the region. This means the area which has high density of population will have a lower area code number and vive-versa. The area code for the city of Longview is 903. This area code is dedicated for the region of Texarkana and its adjoining areas. The area code 903 was created on 4the November 1990 and was split from area code 214. Some of the counties like Anderson and camp and cities like Athens and Bells are served by this area code. On the flip side, the exchange code of 212 for Longview was introduced in the year 2006 for the ZIP area code of 75601.

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Exchange: 903-918
State: TEXAS
Signal: LLC - TX"
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