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Area code 870

The area code 870 is a telephone area code. This area code serves the regions of Arkansas Even though it serves a larger part of Arkansans, it excludes the Little Rock and Fayetteville-Fort Smith metropolitan areas were this area code has not been assigned. Some of the counties this area code covers are Jonesboro, West Memphis, Texarkana and Pine Bluff.

Unlike the other states of United State of America Arkansans has not undergone many changes of code. Although the area code 870 is split from the previous area code 501, it has not been changed since then. It has maintained this one area code for a long time. Much can be credited to the low rise of population at this part of the world.

The Area code 870 covers a larger area of the state of Arkansans. This includes 375 cities and 688 exchanges. Covering this huge area of the state, the code serves a large number of people and helps facilitating telecommunication in these areas. Compared to the other states, the population of Arkansans is not very high. The approximate population of this area is 1, 160, 397.

Due to the increase in population it is likely that Arkansas' 870 area code might run out of numbers by late 2011. This might lead some companies to urge the government to add new codes for smoother operation. A second area code, often known as an overlay might be required which would require a 10 digit code for dialing for all the area codes of 870. It is since September 2003, the telecommunications industry has been anticipating that the area code 870 which is split from 501 will exhaust and a new code will be overlaid.

The area codes serve as gateways to voice traffic and various types Internet services and telecommunication services. Since the year 2003, a number of overlays have been applied in the United States and Canada. In future another 16 has been planned for. The plan is in progress for the next five years in order to facilitate communication. The splits actually help the telecommunication and internet division to execute their services.

Alike other states the increase in population has given rise to the number of internet service providers serving specific areas of the state. The area code helps the service providers to identify their customers and serve accordingly. Some of the service providers in this part of the state are A silicon Networks, AAA Internet Services, 777 Access,, Access Kentucky, Aplus Access. Along with these there are other service providers which serve the different localities of the state.

Internet Service Providers or telecommunication service providers have developed with the expansion of technology. This has increased a number of internet service providers in service at different areas. Possibly the future plan of splits will result to the birth of more internet service providers and telecommunication service providers. Even though splitting is absolutely based on the availability of the current area code, it is highly possible to get more and more splits in future.

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