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Area Code 570

Among the various area codes that are employed under the NANP to designate different parts of the United States, the area code 570 is earmarked for the Northeastern region of the state of Pennsylvania. The area code prefix of 570 is thus attached to every telephone number in the region. The NANP started in 1947 with a handful of codes assigned to identify different parts of the United States for telecommunication purposes. Since then, the number of codes has increased significantly to keep up with the increase in demands offered by spurts of growth in the telecom sector.

Area code 570 serves a distinctly large portion of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It serves a significant portion of Pennsylvania's border with New Jersey. Within Pennsylvania, Area code 570 is surrounded by codes 814, 717, 484, 610 and 835. Under the original NANP, 717 served portions of central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. However, to keep pace with increasing traffic, a portion of area code 717 was split off in December 1998 and the new region came under the purview of Area code 570 from then onwards.

Area code 570 serves a large geographical area within Pennsylvania and hence has a lot of counties and cities under its coverage. Notable cities that fall under area code 570 include Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, Bloomsburg, Williamsport, Milford and the like. It also covers a lot of counties like Milton County, Bradford County, Columbia County etc. With a lot of populated cities and many counties under its area of coverage, Area code 570 is very important in terms of the region that it serves.

With a large service area and a lot of cities, counties and townships, it is a small wonder that Area code 570 houses major players in the telecom sector as service providers in the region. There are as many as seventeen players in the area, notable ones among them being Sprint Spectrum, Level 3 Communications, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Metrocall, American Cellular Corporation, Mci Worldcomm Communications and more. Both in terms of wired and wireless telephony, the area under NANP code 570 is not starved of operators in any way.

If you are a customer living under Area code 570, the presence of so many service providers is definitely good news for you. This is because once you get stiff competition in a region, prices will go down and it is the customer who is sure to benefit. Following this tradition, major carriers and operators under Area code 570 offer a wide range of services including basic and advanced telephony, High-Speed Internet, Cable television and more. Importantly, they offer these at very affordable prices. Furthermore, all companies try to encourage you to get packaged deals from them which include all or most of the services they offer. If you do so you get heavy discounts and the burden on your pocket is eased further.

In the race to be the top telecom service provider Under Area Code 570, all of the operators have also stepped up on their customer support. This development really augurs well for the customers under Area code 570.

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