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Area Code 270

The North American Numbering Plan was conceived in order to avoid any sort of confusion in the telephone service areas. The countries of USA and Canada were the ones that implemented the numbering area plan. The original plan has however undergone various changes after its implementation.

The original planning started as early as the 1940s. AT&T and Bells Laboratories were the ones who chalked out the plan of assigning area codes to the territories. The area codes were then called by the name numbering area plan. The numbering area plan was put into effect in October 1947.

There were originally 86 area codes according to the North American Numbering Plan. The large states were allotted multiple area codes whereas the smaller ones got a single one. The US state of Kentucky was initially allotted the area code 502. However, with time the demand for more telephone lines grew.

It was the demand for more telephone lines that prompted the government to split the territory under area code 502 into two halves. This was the reason behind the existence of area code 270. The territory under area code 502 was split and the area code 270 came into existence in 1999.

According to the original plan, the whole of Kentucky was served by a single area code. However, the territories were split. The areas in the western part of Kentucky were allotted the new area code, area code 270. To get through any telephone number in that area, you need to use the area code as well.

The region within the coverage area of area code 270 houses 50 counties. Some of the counties within the area code 270 are Allen, Butler, Cumberland, Hopkins, Metcalfe, Russell, Hamilton, Monroe, Caldwell, Webster, Hancock, Graves, Nelson, Logan, Ohio, Carlisle, Meade, Warren and others.

The cities located within the jurisdiction of the area code 270 serve as the bases of the telecommunication network of the state. There are 241 cities in the area. Some of these are Allensville, Dundee, Kirksey, Reed, Bardwell, Ekron, Lewisport, Rockfield, Falls of Rough, Beech Grove, Fountain Run, Scottsville and so on.

The telephone service providers of Kentucky ensure that you stay connected to the rest of the world with ease. Maintaining a proper telecommunication network is of utmost importance to a state. The telecom service providers of Kentucky offer a number of deals to suit your needs and budget.

The best bargains on offer come from telecom service providers like Combined Public Communications, Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative Corporation, DigiTel Communications, Bardstone Internet Service, Matrix Integration, Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative, Mountain Telephone, etc.

The customer care team working for the telecom service providers helps you to utilize all sorts of benefits from the packages. They are also the best to provide you information regarding the packages, their features, their cost and their advantages. The reasonable rates at which you can avail these packages make them all the more popular.

Be it landline services or cellular coverage, Internet or Cable TV, the telecom service providers of Kentucky are their to cater to all your needs.

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