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Scammer pretending to be a Brittney Mendoza, fake pictures sent and was on Facebook but deleted the account .Bottom line Tried to get money . by Steve
left message said goodbye by tom
why due u call by m.e.
hi i am Abdul Malik i want a job out of country you can help me dear by abdulmalikmemon
hang up call - no msg by katndale
Scotty stroud 52 convicted sex offender solicitation of lewd acts against a minor over internet arrested 5/1999. ex correctional officer. by Anonymous
This number belongs to scott stroud age 52 by Anonymous
I have an attorney-client contract with Issa which Suzan not only suggested but actually approved before I signed it. I have documented my concerns about a conflict of interest. Suzan and I have discussed the potential dangers of such a conflict dozens of times. Simply put, I cannot lie to or hide material information from one client regardless of how much another wants me to do so. rnrn2.) For almost 3 years, I have protected and served Suzan night and day without sleep and without even a single dollar of compensation. rnSuzan has left me stranded in foreign countries for more than 90 days this year. On each trip, she promised to pay for my flight and lodging, but did not. Once overseas, she made up ridiculous stories about banks, credit cards, and wire transfers that would never come. In each case, I was forced to pay my own expenses and, then to purchase my ticket home. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars based upon her empty assurances. Last week, I sent her an email stating that I could not continue with fruitless endeavors and that I expected to be paid back all of what I’m owed. Everyone can now see the reaction that followed.rnrnThrough all her misrepresentations, tales of intrigue, betrayal, and fanciful excuses, all of us and our families have been hurt and suffered loss. When the time comes to perform, she always insists that something is amiss with another party and that delay for additional scrutiny is required. When she ultimately fails to perform or meet her commitments, she blames someone else and begins accusing them of deception, disloyalty, and unprofessionalism. rnrn It has been an impossible position for me to navigate this minefield of dramatics. I have been unwittingly placed at odds with people I do not even know. I only know what I am told and no one tells the same story.rnrnI do not now know what to believe about all these events. What I do know is that I am blameless. The “betrayal” here is not mine. Never once have I failed to give my best for the benefit of everyone involved. Never once have I been anything but a gentleman. I shall try to take comfort in the fact that God knows.rnrnI have freely given Suzan my friendship, my loyalty, my time, my legal expertise, and my personal relationships all for nothing, nothing except my embarrassment. Having seen how she treated others, I have, for some time, been concerned that I would have my turn to become the subject of her latest barrage of insults and accusations. I suppose that I naively hoped that it would not happen. I speculated that it would most likely happen when I was no longer needed, which her email below expressly proves the case.rnrnWhen she responds despairingly, although veiled in an email which is not even addressed to me, it is a desperate attempt to salvage her credibility. Please remember the esteem in which she has always professed to hold me as a both man of integrity and great legal acumen. I have definitely earned recognition for both. Recall that every deal ultimately rested solely upon my ability to complete the transaction and I never failed to do more than my part. Further, give thought to the many other individuals that she criticized and spewed venom upon when her own failings were revealed. They were each discarded along with months of effort put into their deals. Recall the literally hundreds of promises she has broken along the way. The "moral burden" she so often professes is, in truth, quickly dismissed when it becomes convenient. rnrnI have nothing to gain by this message, except freedom from this cycle of perpetual nonsense.rnrn rnJ. R.rnrnJ. R. Wilson, JrrnAttorney & Business CounselorrnMobile: 214-460-8950rnFax: 214-400-8079rnSkype: jr.wilson.jrrn__________________________rnDallas, Texas USArnMiami, Florida USArnCalgary, AB CanadarnLima, PerurnDubai, U.A.E.rnrn by Suzan Daniher
Anyone who calls me and I know them, has a name associated with their number. Unwanted call at 1:00am and did not leave a message. by Babs
The Police Fund asking for permission to send out a drive packet for donations by N
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